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General Information
The information contained in this document library is updated as the information changes. When available, you may find updated catalog sections, brochures and other documentation including new installation sheets. Check it out and let us know what you think! We are hard at work striving to provide you with “The best value in Actuation and Control Valves.”



Pricing information is available in print and pdf format, as well as on the DEI Catalog CD. Please call our corporate headquarters or your regional sales office for our latest pricing based on your specific needs.

Energy Saving Products


Energy Line Card (86 KB) (updated 11/19/2009)

Hybrid Refrigeration Systems (263 KB) (updated 1/5/2010)

 Hybrid Refrigeration Systems Applications (23 KB) (updated 11/20/2009)

 Hybrid Refrigeration Systems Applications Chart (40 KB) (updated 11/20/2009)

 Steam Nozzle Product Bulletin (44.3 KB) (updated 3/7/2008)

 Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter USFT-B Series (185 KB) (updated 11/20/2009)

 Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter USFT-B Series User Manual (262 KB) (updated 11/20/2009)

 Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter USFT-CS Series (142 KB) (updated 11/20/2009)

 Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter USFT-CS Series User Manual (217 KB) (updated 11/20/2009)

Control Valves


 Ball Valves (515 KB) (updated 11/18/2014)

 Globe Valves (386 KB) (updated 11/13/2013)

 Zone and Terminal Valve Submittal Sheets (924 KB) (updated 5/10/2011)

 Basic HW-CW Actuators and Zone Valves Type A (758 KB) (updated 4/6/2006)

 Globe Valve Retrofits (1.06 MB) (updated 2/20/2006)

 Butterfly Valves Series B (403 KB) (updated 11/18/2014)

High Close-off Globe Valves (updated 11/18/2014)

 Characterized Port -CP 2-Way Ball Valves Technical Instructions (updated 11/18/2014)

 Characterized Port -CP 3-Way Ball Valves Technical Instructions (updated 11/18/2014)

 Characterized Port -CP Ball Valves (updated 11/18/2014)

 Stainless Steel 2 Way Ball Valves  (updated 11/18/2014)

 Stainless Steel 3 Way Diversion Ball Valve (SSV) (updated 11/18/2014)

 Pressure Independent Control Valves (updated 4/26/2015)



 Actuators (1.43 MB) (updated 6/11/ 2013)

 Actuators Type A (517 KB) (updated 11/23/2009)

 Actuators Type A – PICV Series (updated 4/26/2015)

 Actuator Accessories Type A (122 KB) (updated 8/23/2007)

 Actuators Type B (2.35 MB) (updated 4/26/2015)

 RE Brochure (233 KB) (updated 2/20/2006)



 Accessories (291 KB) (updated 2/20/2006)

 Engineering, Applications and Installation (412 KB) (updated 7/16/2002)



 All Damper Products (575 KB) (updated 4/18/2005)

 HVAC Control Dampers (1.03 MB) (updated 11/19/2009)

 Indoor Air Quality Dampers (239 KB) (updated 7/17/2007)

 Insulated Control Dampers (609 KB) (updated 7/17/2007)

 Air Measuring Products (updated 11/18/2014)



 Ball Valve Specifications (94.6 KB) (updated 12/06/2002)

 Butterfly Valve Specifications Series A (81.6 KB) (updated 12/06/2002)

 Butterfly Valve Specifications Series B (22.1 KB) (updated 3/4/2008)

 Globe Valve Specifications (66.1 KB) (updated 12/06/2002)

 RE Industrial Actuator Specifications (102 KB) (updated 2/20/2006)

 ESL1B2, ESL2B2 Linear Actuator Specifications (446 KB) (updated 8/30/2004)

 ESL3B2 Linear Actuator Specifications (389 KB) (updated 8/30/2004)

Brochures & Product Line Cards


 Product Line Card (122 KB) (updated 11/19/2009)

 Energy Line Card (86 KB) (updated 11/19/2009)



Energy Saving Products [Installation Instructions]


 Steam Nozzle Installation Instructions (16 KB) (updated 11/20/2009)

Control Valves [Installation Instructions]


 Ball Valve Installation Guide (195 KB) (updated 7/16/2002)

 Globe Valve Installation Guide (185 KB) (updated 7/16/2002)

 Butterfly Valve Installation Guide Series A (239 KB) (updated 3/6/2002)

 Butterfly Valve Installation Guide Series B (921 KB) (updated 11/25/2009)

Actuators – Electronic Industrial [Installation Instructions]


 RE Electronic Industrial Actuator Wiring Instructions (502 KB) (updated 6/11/2013)

 RE Generation II Troubleshooting Guide (51.9 KB) (updated 2/20/2006)

 RE Basic Startup Instructions (26.3 KB) (updated 4/28/2008)

Actuators – Pneumatic [Installation Instructions]


 IP5100 Installation Instructions (181 KB) (updated 3/04/2002)

 NAMUR Solenoid Installation Instructions (108 KB) (updated 3/04/2002)

Actuators – Type A [Installation Instructions]


 Type A – EN132 Installation Instructions (523 KB) (updated 5/3/2007)

 Type A – EN44, EN88 Installation Instructions (621 KB) (updated 11/16/2005)

 Type A – EN221, EN310 Installation Instructions (841 KB) (updated 2/20/2006)

 Type A – ES62 Installation Instructions (647 KB) (updated 12/6/2006)

 Type A – ES142 Installation Instructions (443 KB) (updated 11/20/2009)

 Type A – EN-ESZ3B2, EN-ESZ3C2 Installation Instructions (196 KB) (updated 11/23/2009)

Actuators – Type B [Installation Instructions]


 Type B – EN35 Installation Instructions (329 KB) (updated 2/20/2006)

 Type B – EN35C2-T, EN35C2-P Installation Instructions (171 KB) (updated 7/27/2005)

 Type B – EN53 Installation Instructions (242 KB) (updated 2/27/2002)

 Type B – EN70, EN140, EN210, EN280 Installation Instructions (248 KB) (updated 11/11/2002)

 Type B – ES140 Installation Instructions (300 KB) (updated 2/27/2002)

 Type B – ES52 Installation Instructions (185 KB) (updated 2/20/2006)

 Type B – ES53 Installation Instructions (223 KB) (updated 2/28/2002)

 Type B – ES89A Installation Instructions (122 KB) (updated 11/23/2009)

 Type B – ES89B2-ZS Installation Instructions (149 KB) (updated 11/23/2009)

 Type B – ES89C2 Installation Instructions (138 KB) (updated 11/23/2009)

 ES177 Product Bulletin (updated 11/18/2014)

 Type B – ES177A Installation Instructions (updated 11/18/2014)

 Type B – ES177B2 Installation Instructions (150 KB) (updated 11/18/2014)

 Type B – ES177B2-ZS Installation Instructions (updated 11/18/2014)

 Type B – ES177C2 Installation Instructions (updated 11/18/2014)

 Type B – ES70A Installation Instructions (updated 11/18/2014)

 Type B – ES70B2 Installation Instructions (updated 11/18/2014)

 Type B – ES70C2 Installation Instructions (updated 11/18/2014)

 Type B – ES89A Installation Instructions (updated 11/18/2014)

 Type B – ES89B2-ZS Installation Instructions (updated 11/18/2014)

 Type B – ES89C2 Installation Instructions (updated 11/18/2014)

Linkages [Installation Instructions]


 Linkage Installation Instructions (69.3 KB) (updated 7/18/2002)



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